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Whilst completing tracks in 2016 for their debut album Revbjelde (like many in Britain) experienced an emotional roller coaster. Friends & communities have been divided, passions have run high, opinions split, hopes & dreams quashed. Politicians still tear at each others throats whilst media outlets inflame prejudice with sensationalism & lies.

Recorded between January & August 2016, For Albion was originally intended as a single track with four distinct passages named using the ancient Common Brythonic and Anglo Saxon dialects.

Agrona Wuhhung: the anguish, madness & carnage of a divided land that's lost its way. Featuring the sound of a Victorian upright piano being sledge-hammered to pieces, cristal baschet & violin.

Faran Ofost: a dysfunctional transport system takes us across Britain where progress can be seen endlessly wrestling with tradition. Mashing lyrics from 'Souling Song' (made famous by The Watersons) with post-punk bass, motorik beats and industrial noise.

Manian Plegende: striving to remain playful and positive using treated pianos and scrap metal

Brigantia Lufian: love, art & magic can offer healing & hope

"What God did we used to worship before Apple and wifi and fast bucks and Starbucks hacked into and raided our deep collective identity in an exchange for profit and trinkets? Before something transcendent, implicit, collective, shared and poetic was plundered and rebranded by multinational leviathans & transnational behemoths - dark, satanic shards reaching across the globe, served by a political class more focused on representing their ideologies and interests than those of their own people. Power has lost its connection with us. The desiccation of the land is also this: the alienation, devitalisation and dissociation that we feel in our hearts. It’s time to take back the kingdom." Rod Tweedy: Albion Rose, Blake & the awakening of Britain.

“Relocates the listener to a secluded place…tempered in quiet disillusionment, anguish, confusion and the occasional sound of an upright piano being somewhat totaled…brooding, spine tingling, industrial chamber sounds…beautifully tripping dream dazed folly whose ghostly pastoral visitations echoes the likes of Komeda and Korzynski” Mark Barton / TheSundayExperience / Losing Today

"Revbjelde soundtrack the new dystopia - prepared piano, musique concrete, loops, pastoral psych / folk & a beautiful wash of ethereal vocals" Jez Butler / The Twelve Hour Foundation

“a really nice record – love it”
Nikša Dragolin / Zbuka Radio / Croatia

"This is superb" Grey Malkin / The Hare & The Moon

"Love this - original music that's hard to put into words but there's something mysterious & beautiful about Revbjelde"
Joao Silva Pires / DJ Kaspar


released September 14, 2016

Emma Churchley: vocals
Richard Bentley: treated piano & scrap metal loops
Tim Hill: saxophone
Lewis Riddlesworth: cristal baschet, moog pedals
Roy Goss: electric bass, harmonica
Lesley Taylor: piano demolition
Dan Burnham: piano demolition
Alan Gubby: violin, electric + upright bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, zither, drum machine, treatments



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UK label specialising in archived electronic, tape, radiophonic, jazz, psych, folk & library sounds

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